About Christine Darvin

Perfume creator at the end of the 19th century, Christine Darvin draw her inspiration on the labyrinths of markets from around the world of the famous port of Bordeaux. She want to sublime the traditional ingredients of the French perfumery and to share its olfactory wonders with the entire world.

Therefore, in 1960, she opens her own production factory. Her products was only intended to the French colonies, to the Middle East and to the South America.

In 1972, Antoine and Hervé MADRID, 2 brothers enthusiasts about the perfumery and the cosmetic sector redeem the production plants of Christine Darvin to conquer the French market.

Thus, in 1981, they launch a range of Eau de Cologne FRAÎCHEUR who didn’t stop seducing their consumers …

Since the beginning of the year 2000, Antoine and Hervé have wanted to modernise their Cologne Fraîcheur and have developed their new fragrances around an energising, fresh and colourful concept. For those who prefer discretion to sophisticated fragrances. To be consumed without moderation.

Natural freshness

Les eaux de cologne